New Boiler vs Old... Sometimes the sums really add up

Mark D - Landlord - Long Eaton
Holden Heating AuthorSam Holden

I often get asked about the cost/benefit of new boiler vs old. This is because replacing a boiler comes at quite a high initial cost, so it is often something people put off until their current boiler is on 'last legs'...

In this case we have made annual inspections and maintenance far easier, plus we have avoided tenant problems and call-outs.

Sam Holden

ThingsWhen you look at the finance options available you can actually get a new boiler for £30+ per month, so this spreads the cost. For a homeowner this can easily be recouped because of the far better efficiency of modern boilers - with the current escalating energy costs you can easily recoup this every month.

For this landlord the benefits were numerous. Whilst the tenants were the ones realising the cost savings on energy costs the landlord was much more relaxed knowing that annual safety checks would not be an issue and warranty length would protect him from unexpected bills. He also knew this was a selling feature in his houses for his rating as a good landlord and he would benefit from far fewer issues and complaints

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